This warm Minnesota weather is getting ridiculous

Another unseasonably balmy week is in store for Minnesota.
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This is not Los Angeles or Phoenix. Minnesota is supposed to be cold this time of year. But if you're out doing holiday decorating, you won't need gloves for at least a few more days.

It has been so unseasonably warm, in fact, that Columbia Golf Club in northeast Minneapolis has reopened until the weather turns cold again.

How abnormal is the current warm spell?

This November started with some real cold – chillier than usual – before things started warming up, culminating with a record-breaking peak on Friday. The mercury didn't just hit 50 for the first time this month, it hit 60 as well.

On Monday, temperatures hit 55 in the Twin Cities by lunchtime, with the possibility of 60 again before the day is up. 

Still, the cold start means November as a whole has seen temperatures 2.3 degrees lower than average as of Saturday, as reported by the Star Tribune. Our current burst of warmth stands to continue into early December. After that, it's probably time to stow the golf clubs for the winter.

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