This week the Clinton vs. Trump race has been about fundraising


With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump firmly ensconced as the presumptive nominees for this year's presidential elections, the media has turned its attention to what is finally a two-horse race.

BringMeTheNews has picked out few of the stories of interest to Minnesota and the wider Midwest that have popped up this week.

Clinton > Trump in MN fundraising

This comes from FOX 9, which is reporting on Thursday that in Minnesota, Clinton is well ahead of Trump in the fundraising stakes.

Public records show Clinton has raised $1.869 million so far from Minnesotans, compared to a meagre $33,148 for Trump.

One of the Trump campaign's state chairs has said the campaign will "beef up dramatically" following the Republican convention, but Clinton has already been hiring staffers over the past few months.

Clinton > Trump in fundraising everywhere

It's not just in Minnesota that Clinton has the edge over Trump in the fundraising stakes. The financial health of the candidates' campaign war chests has been dominating news headlines everywhere this week.

CNN described Trump as facing "an extraordinary money deficit unheard of in modern presidential politics" after it emerged his campaign had just $1.3 million in the bank as of May 31.

Clinton, on the other hand, had $42 million in the bank on the same date, according to Federal Election Commission filings, and she is expected to launch an "onslaught of television advertising."

CBS News reports Clinton's main super PAC has $52 million as of the end of May, but the biggest pro-Trump group only had $500,000, while Clinton has taken in $26 million in private donations compared to Trump's $3.1 million.

Trump has mainly been self-funding so far and only began actively fundraising last month, CNN notes.

This past week he sent out fundraising emails, and while the financial gap between the two should close, some commentators say the gulf might be too great for him to catch back up given his late start.

No ad buys in Wisconsin for Hillary – yet

An interesting one that appeared on Thursday in Mother Jones, which has broken down how much ad space Hillary Clinton has reserved in the major swing states.

As the swing state carrying the most electoral votes, Florida is where Clinton is spending the heaviest with $35.1 million of ad reservations so far.

But interestingly, Clinton has not reserved any ad space in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which according to Mother Jones suggests that with her substantial lead in the national polls, Clinton is confident of having those two states "in the bag."

The website points out though that in the event of a close race, Pennsylvania in particular could be a crucial battleground.

CNN Politics says that Trump's has so far spent zero dollars on television ad reservations, with his supporters spending only $700,000. Meanwhile Clinton and supporters have so far reserved ads that total $117 million.

It points out though, that Trump triumphed in the GOP primaries and caucuses despite being heavily outspent by rivals. His profile generates headlines and he has a significant following on social media.

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