This winter's sparkling silver lining

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FOX 9 reports the underwater caves off Wisconsin's Apostle Islands are accessible for the first time in five years.

Freezing temperatures have made Lake Superior ice safe for hikers who want to trek a little over two miles to and from the caverns. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore officials say the precipitation and cold temperatures are making the most dramatic ice formations in 30 years.

The National Park Service website warns visitors to call the ice line before they depart, as conditions on the lake can change in a matter of hours. It also has a list of tips for the trip, including using crampons, showshoes or skis on the lake, and watching out for falling icicles inside the caves.

To reach the caves , winter visitors should drive to the end of Meyers Road north of Bayfield, Wisconsin. The caves begin about one mile from Meyers Beach. Esquire has a photo gallery from recent visits to the caves.


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