Thousands of Minnesotans at risk of losing federal unemployment benefits

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More than 12,000 unemployed Minnesotans could lose their federal insurance benefits as soon as next week.

The program that gives extra aid to those who have used up their state benefits is set to expire across the country on Dec. 29, the Star Tribune reports.

Stalled negotiations between Congress and the White House gives little hope that an emergency measure to extend the program could pass.

In November, state officials began notifying the 12,200 in the state who could lose their benefits.

President Barack Obama and members of Congress are due back in Washington D.C. Thursday for the final effort to negotiate a deal to avert or postpone the "fiscal cliff" of tax increases and government spending cuts set to begin next week.

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Mark Dayton joined more than a dozen other Democratic governors in signing a letter urging Congress to extend unemployment benefits for more than 2 million out-of-work Americans. Dayton also wants authorization for Minnesota to continue emergency state unemployment benefits.

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A 13-week extension to state unemployment benefits will be phased out on Jan. 14, according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. The Federal-State Extended Benefits are ending with Minnesota's three-month unemployment average below 6.5 percent.