Threat at South Dakota high school prompts 'increased presence' of police


A South Dakota high school is under the watch of authorities following an "uncorroborated threat of violence."

The threat, the nature of which has not been specified, concerns Central High School in Aberdeen, which is a little over 100 miles from the Minnesota border.


" target="_blank">police said on Facebook Monday evening that they will have an "increased presence" at the school over the next couple of days, adding that the "safety of our students is our highest priority."

There was some backlash from Facebook commenters over an earlier statement in which police said the threat "has been under investigation for several weeks"; however, the department addressed these concerns by commenting "at no point did we assess the safety of students as 'at risk.'"

They added the threat, "although lacking in credibility, was being taken seriously."

A school in Montgomery, Minnesota, dealt with a similar situation Monday – specifically, an "online threat against staff members" at Tri-City United High School, KARE 11 writes.

Similarly, school was not canceled, with the station saying law enforcement was on the scene checking students' bags and backpacks for weapons, though nothing was found. School activities carried on without incident.

Are threats against schools increasing?

In the wake of a number of high-profile school shootings, authorities across the nation are apparently taking threats of violence far more seriously – state and federal authorities in Ohio, for instance, are looking into an increasing number of school threats, WIVB reports.

The station says the feds took interest in the Dayton Public School District, which has received 11 bomb threats since school started this fall, while other districts are also experiencing similar problems.

There have been several such incidents – and lockdowns – in Minnesota this year. Just two weeks ago, schools in Fairmont were put on alert after schools received threats referencing the Columbine shooting.

A 17-year-old was ultimately arrested and accused of the crime.

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