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Threat brings increased security to UW-River Falls


A written threat implying "bullets will fly" on Oct. 15 has brought increased police presence to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls campus.

Last week, the university said it received "an anonymous written communication that included an implied threat," according to the school's website.

According to the post signed by UW-River Falls Chief of Police Karl Fleury, an initial safety alert was issued even though the threat did not specify or target a particular person, group, or location. The communication that was received said, “Beware the Ides of October, the time is nigh and the bullets will fly.”

The Ides of October appears to reference Oct. 15.

In the Roman calendar, the Ides of March corresponds to March 15 – the date Julius Caesar was assassinated.

No new threats have been made since the letter was sent, FOX 9 reports, and there have been no reports of any irregularities on campus.

The UW-River Falls Police Department and its local law enforcement partners are investigating and have increased the number of officers on and around campus. There's also an FBI presence, personal guards at the dean's office and house, and police at each dorm on campus, FOX 9 notes.

University spokesman Blake Fry told The Associated Press Wednesday that access to the residence halls have been altered so students can only enter their own dorms.

The university said the threat wouldn't disrupt classes Wednesday, but KSTP is reporting professors have the option to cancel their class. School officials told FOX 9 they didn't cancel classes altogether because they didn't want to set a precedent for every time there's a threat.

The safety alert from campus police had some students concerned. Maisey Doheny told KSTP, "It worries me. I think it's a very serious event."

Students, staff and faculty are asked to be alert and report any suspicious activity. Anyone with information is asked to call UW-River Falls Police Department at 715-425-3133.

UW-River Falls is about 30 minutes from the Twin Cities.

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