Tillerson confirmed as secretary of state

He's the former CEO of ExxonMobil.

Another member of President Donald Trump's cabinet has been filled.

The U.S. Senate confirmed former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as the next secretary of state with a 56-43 vote, marking one of the most contentious confirmations for the position in history, the New York Times says.

Most senators voted along party lines, with only three Democrats and one Independent voting in favor of Tillerson. Both of Minnesota's senators – Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken – voted no, according to the U.S. Senate's website.

Thursday's vote came after Democrats' failed attempt to delay Tillerson's nomination until he had time to share his thought's on Trump's executive order that bans people from seven predominately Muslim countries from coming to the U.S., among other things.

As secretary of state, Tillerson will advise the president on foreign policy. But during Tillerson's confirmation hearing, senators from both sides of the aisle expressed concerns about his relationship with Russia and his opposition to sanctioning the country, as well as how he'll deal with Trump's "America first" foreign policy initiatives.

But Tillerson's supporters have called him highly qualified for the job, citing his experience running a global oil company.

Where do Trump's other nominations stand?

Tillerson is the fourth cabinet member to be confirmed by the Senate. The others: James Mattis as secretary of defense, Elaine Chao as secretary of transportation and John Kelly as secretary of homeland security.

The Senate has also confirmed a few other key appointments, including Nikki Haley as ambassador to the United Nations and Mike Pompeo as the director of the CIA.

The New York Times has a nifty infographic that shows how the votes for each nominee played out. Sen. Klobuchar has voted yes for every nominee except Tillerson, while Sen. Franken has voted no for Tillerson and Pompeo.

For updates on the status of Trump's nominees, check out this story by The Associated Press.

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