Tim Pawlenty continues to tease run for governor

Come on Tim, get on with it.
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Monday marked the latest step in the Tim Pawlenty tease tour of 2018.

The former Minnesota governor has been dropping more hints than Hansel and Gretel dropped breadcrumbs as he mulls over another gubernatorial run.

Today, it was an announcement that he'd filed his campaign commission with the State of Minnesota, a formality.

He's also launched a new campaign website, TimPawlenty.com, as he looks for people to join his campaign, while MPR reports he's recently been fundraising in Florida as well as Minnesota.

Pawlenty has been cagey for months about whether he would run again, but has always left himself open to the possibility.

He continues to leave the rest of the GOP field in limbo however, promising he will make a final announcement "soon."

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