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Tiny parklets will return to Minneapolis – but there will be more this time


After the success of last year's pilot, the City of Minneapolis is extending a program that allows businesses to create "parklets" in on-street parking spaces.

Last September, the city helped three businesses set up the mini-parks outside their businesses – a clothing shop, an arts center and a coffee shop – which Finance and Commerce says drew about 1,300 visitors in six weeks.

Now the project is being extended, with the city telling the magazine it hopes to have between eight and 15 of the modular parks in place across the city starting from this spring.

Last year, the City spent $25,000 on each of the parks, but thinks that businesses could install their own for around $11,000.

The city believes the parklets will complement the sidewalk cafe culture seen throughout the city during the summer months, and similar initiatives have proved popular elsewhere in the country.

Governing.com has previously called parklets the "next big tiny idea in urban planning," with cities including San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and Long Beach, California, among those having rolled them out.

Minneapolis told Finance and Commerce it has already heard from "more than a dozen" companies interesting in operating a parklet during the warmer weather.

The city published a guide to how businesses should go about planning their parklet, which you can see here.

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