Tired of election coverage? Yeah, so are most Americans

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Did you know that Trump raised $51 million in June or that Clinton was interviewed on Fox News for the first time in eight years?

Well 6 in every 10 Americans think, "Who cares? Enough already!"

According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of Americans feel exhausted by the amount of election coverage so far this year.

Exhaustion is especially prevalent for those who don't follow the election very closely – 69 percent of those say they are run down. Of those who pay more attention to election coverage only 41 percent say it is too much.

Comments and personal lives are over covered

The survey found that when broken up into coverage topics, most Americans found issues like candidates comments and personal lives to be over covered.

Meanwhile 55 percent of respondents thought that there was not enough coverage of where the candidates stand on issues.

The full methodology of the survey is available here.

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US elections vs. everyone else

Part of the fatigue might come from the United States having one of the longest election cycles in the world.

According to the Ottowa Citizen, the longest Canadian election ever was in 2015 and lasted only 78 days.

Keep in mind that Ted Cruz, the first candidate to officially announce their campaign for the presidency, made that decision public 596 days before the election this November.

In Argentina, advertisements can only start two months before the election, NPR reported, and in France, the presidential campaign is generally only two-weeks long.

As for the United States, there are now 116 days to go until the voting booths open.

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