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Bemidji bar accused of dumping grease down the drain


Northland beavers do all sorts of things in the dark of the night that we may never now.

Take, for instance, the Toasty Beaver's Bar and Grill in Bemidji. The Bemidji Pioneer reports that the bar has been a bad beaver indeed, and the the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has issued a notice of violation to the joint, accusing workers of dumping its cooking grease down city stormwater drains.

The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead reports four corrective actions the bar must take. That includes submitting a plan within 30 days that describes how it will ensure grease and grey water won’t reach surface waters, submitting a report on how it will train employees on proper grease and grey water disposal, and ceasing any unpermitted pollutant discharges into the city’s stormwater system.

Toasty Beaver’s has already agreed to pay for the cleanup costs, according to both papers. And the bar's attorney, Minneapolis-based Ross Hussey, has maintained that the grease didn’t end up in the drain intentionally, as the city has alleged.

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