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'Today' show features former Minn. police officer who won $1M in data breach case


NBC's "Today" show Friday featured an interview with a former Twin Cities police officer who won more than $1 million in settlements after she alleged more than than 100 fellow officers snooped into her private driver's license data, the Pioneer Press reported.

Anne Marie Rasmusson -- a former St. Paul and Eden Prairie police officer -- won settlements of $385,000 from St. Paul, $392,500 from Minneapolis and $280,000 from other cities as a result of her federal lawsuit that named 144 officers from 16 cities and counties, including 61 St. Paul police officers.

In the lawsuit, she alleged the officers accesses her file -- which includes photographs, addresses, physical descriptions and other personal information -- 550 times.

In the "Today" interview, a visibly shaken Rasmusson said she believes the officers looked at her file out of "personal curiosity" and that some "apparently some had an interest in me, a personal interest in me."

A fitness fanatic, Rasmussion had lost more than 100 pounds in recent years, which in turn she said brought the unwanted attention. Still in fear for her personal safety, Rasmusson told "Today" that she is moving out of state.

See the "Today" report below.

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