Tom Berenger is filming in rural Minnesota this weekend

Star-spotters must take to the woods to catch a glimpse of Tom Berenger on Friday and Saturday.

Academy Award-nominated actor Tom Berenger is apparently filming in rural Minnesota this weekend.

The team behind the movie Wunderland, directed by Steven Luke (as Luke Schuetzle), will be re-enacting the famous "Battle of the Bulge" near Big Lake, Minnesota between Friday and Monday.

And details posted for extras on the movie's Facebook group say Berenger – who is playing the role of Major McCulley – will be on set on Friday and Saturday.

"Tom Berenger will be on set with us and we paid mega bucks for him!!" it says. "This is your opportunity to be in the film with an Academy Award Nominated Actor."

The shooting location is in woodland off Eagle Lake, a few miles north of the city of Big Lake.

Extras who take part on Friday and Saturday won't get paid, according to the post (being alongside Berenger is apparently payment enough), but those who are involved on Sunday and Monday will get $50 a day.

They're told to be available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., shooting in temperatures expected to be around 15-20 degrees, dropping to 10 on Monday.

Berenger is best known for his Oscar-nominated role in Platoon and performances in popular films like Major League.

Wunderland, set at Christmas 1944 as Germans make one final push against the attacking allied armies, sees director/actor Luke playing Lt. Robert Cappa, who along with his 2nd Infantry soldiers have been told to hold a vital road junction in what became known as the "Battle of the Bulge."

The movie appears to be the full version of the 2013 short movie of the same name, which was produced and written by the South Dakota native Luke, who starred in the short as Lt. Cappa under the direction of Andrew Kightlinger, according to IMDB.

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