Tonight's temps could be coldest of winter


Temperatures are expected to dip into the negative teens Thursday into Friday on what could be the coldest night of the year.

In the metro, KARE 11 says actual air temps are expected to drop between -12 and -17 degrees. It will most likely stay that way until you wakeup Friday morning, according to the Star Tribune.

FOX9 reports wind chills in the metro will range from -15 to -40 until noon Friday.

Paul Douglas says on a scale of 1 to 10--1 being minor goosebumps and 10 is Minnesota's record cold of -60 degrees--this cold blast will be a 4. Really.

Schools in southern Minnesota were closed schools Thursday due to piercing wind chills. District officials in Mankato will make a decision in the morning on whether to hold classes Friday.

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