Too old to sit in Santa's lap? Not this couple in their 90s


Isn't it supposed to be Santa Claus who springs the surprises? ... pulling just the right gift off of his sleigh and leaving it under the tree?

Well, over the weekend Santa was on the receiving end of a surprise during his visit to Tonkadale Greenhouse in Minnetonka. The photographer captured the jolly one's gasp as a smooch was planted by Mary Wyatt Peterson.

KARE 11 says 91-year-old Mary was joined by her husband Dr. Bill Peterson, 93, on their visit to sit in Santa's lap.

The station says the Bloomington couple has been married for 16 years and family members think the image of their visit with Santa will make for a memorable Christmas card.

When are you too old to sit in Santa's lap?

A look around that fountain of knowledge we call the Internet reveals a consensus on this question. And the answer seems to be never.

From contributors to the Baby Center blog to respondents at Yahoo Answers ... from a host of celebrities to a pair of brothers who posed with Father Christmas 34 years in a row, there's a persistent insistence that one is never too old.

Which is good news for Mary and Bill Peterson, who can make plans to visit Santa again next year.

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