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Top 10 list of Minnesota year-end lists


New Year's Eve is almost here, which brings a predictable flood of year-end lists as people reflect on the best and worst of 2012.

We've sifted through many of the ones related to Minnesota, and here are 10 of the best (in no particular order):

Twin Cities Business Magazine's 10 small business stories of the year offers lessons learned and inspiration. (And here's TCB mag's most-read stories of the year.)

Spin Magazine's top songs of the year, which includes a lot of rock stars – and a bunch of kids from a Minneapolis YMCA program singing about their favorite snacks "Hot Cheetos and Takis."

This tells you a bit about what people watch online when it comes to news: the most-watched videos on WCCO. (The station also lists top headlines of the year.)

Got a music lover on your Christmas-gift list? Here's the Star Tribune's critics' picks for best Minnesota-artist albums of the year.

CityPages compiles the best Twin Cities concerts of 2012.

And here's CityPages' best Twin Cities songs of 2012.

Ever wonder why the Twin Cities got rid of streetcars? MinnPost's list of the the nine worst urban planning moves of all time is a fascinating glimpse at Minnesota history. And in a separate list, here are the seven best Twin Cities urban planning moves.

Top 25 men's college basketball teams. This list – at the moment – features a welcome addition that doesn't make the ranking too often – the Minnesota Gophers, at No. 13.

The most-followed Minnesota journalist on Twitter is probably a high-profile news anchor, right? Nope – it's a sports writer. MinnPost lists Minnesota's most-followed journalists on Twitter.

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine's Best of the Twin Cities is a list to end all lists, with the best places to eat, shop and go out in the metro. Plus, the best anchorman.

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