Top baby names in the US released – how does Minnesota's list compare?


We now know the official top 10 baby names for 2015 in the U.S. – but how do they compare to Minnesota?

The Social Security Administration says for girls, Emma comes in at No. 1 and Olivia at No. 2 – that's flip-flopped compared to Minnesota's 2015 top five, released earlier this year by the Minnesota Department of Health.

The Nos. 3 and 5 names in Minnesota are Nora and Evelyn –they're apparently not as popular nationwide and did not appear on the top 10. Sophia and Isabella take those national spots instead.

Ava is No. 4 in both Minnesota and the United States as a whole. Here are both lists:

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For the boys, Minnesota is even more different.

The top three for the state – Jackson, Henry and Oliver – don't even appear on the nation's top ten list. In their place is Noah, Mason and Jacob.

No. 4 in Minnesota Liam is No. 2 nationwide, and the No. 5 for Minnesota, William, is also No. 5 for the U.S. Here are the lists:

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The Social Security Administration also lists the top five names going back to 1916, if you want to look at how things have changed.

The 2014 list for the U.S. is almost completely identical for girls, with the exception of Isabella and Ava swapping places. The boys list is the exact same as 2014.

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