Tow boat moved, probe continues after vessel plunged over dam

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Crews have recovered the tow boat that plunged over Lock and Dam No. 7 at La Crescent, Minn., earlier this month, killing a 22-year-old crew member, the La Crosse Tribune reports.

The four-level Megan McB was recovered Wednesday from the Mississippi River, where it had remained after going over the dam July 3, the newspaper reports. The muddy boat was righted and drained enough so that it could float, then towed downstream and out of the main channel to a shipyard.

Investigators with the Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board are conducting an investigation into how the tow went over the dam’s roller gate, in a fatal accident that trapped deckhand Tyler Trussoni, of Genoa, the Tribune reports. Two other crew members escaped and were not hurt. The Coast Guard removed nearly 7,000 gallons of fuel and oil from the vessel, the Tribune reports.

Trussoni loved to be on the water, and liked to spear fish, WXOW in La Crosse reported. Residents in his hometown of about 250 mourned the loss, the station reported.

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