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Traffic woes, Day 2: Metro commutes still brutal


Two days after one of the biggest December snow storms to hit the Twin Cities, commuters are still finding long commute times as they rumble over icy, bone-rattling roads.

Drivers can expect another day of doubled and tripled drive times, the Pioneer Press reports. Many buses were running behind, too, the newspaper says.

The Star Tribune said Tuesday "looked like Monday all over again."

What's to blame? Hard-packed snow and ice that forced drivers to slow down – or spin out, the Star Tribune says. That layer of snow that adheres to the pavement as traffic compacts it before it can be removed is called "compaction," MnDOT officials say.

MnDOT's Clear Roads Manager Mark Fischbach tells KARE 11 that his crews actually did a pretty good job clearing the roads after the storm. Mn/DOT planned to continue work Tuesday to clear compaction from ramps and freeway entrances and exits, KARE reports.

How do cities prioritize which roads get plowed first? WCCO answers that in its Good Question feature.

If you found yourself barely creeping along in your car Tuesday, you could be thankful you had one to drive. Minneapolis towed 750 vehicles in the two days after a snow emergency was declared, CityPages reports. St. Paul towed 640, MinnPost reports.

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