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Trailer hitch comes off truck, crashes into man's windshield


The Minnesota State Patrol is reminding drivers to pay attention after a trailer hitch came off a truck, bounced over another vehicle and crashed into a man's windshield.

The incident happened on Highway 12, about 35 miles west of Minneapolis near Montrose, the State Patrol said on Facebook Monday.

The driver of the truck did not stop, but officials say no one was injured.

The State Patrol says it's important for drivers to pay attention, noting the "best defense when encountering an unusual event while driving is being attentive and scanning the entire roadway ahead of you."

Officials are also reminding motorists to check that all cargo – including spare tires, toppers and cargo carriers – are checked regularly to make sure they're secure.

In 2010, there were about 51,000 crashes involving a vehicle hitting an object that came off another vehicle or a non-fixed object lying in the roadway, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found, according to a report to Congress.

These incidents resulted in almost 10,000 injuries and 440 known fatalities, the report notes.

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