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Train broadsides snowmobiler in east Brainerd


A 30-year-old snowmobiler was hit broadside by a train in east Brainerd on Sunday afternoon, the Brainerd Dispatch reported.

The empty westbound coal train struck the southbound snowmobiler as he crossed the tracks under the Highway 25 South bridge, the newspaper reports. The train reportedly honked its horn prior to the collision, but the snowmobiler continued onto the tracks.

Michael David Flannigan, of Brainerd, died shortly after responders arrived, the Dispatch reports.

Brainerd police continue to investigate.

With the latest fatality, there have been at least 10 snowmobile-related deaths this year in Minnesota, according to a tally from the Department of Natural Resources. That compares to eight in all of last winter.

Snowmobile deaths in Minnesota, according to the DNR:

Winter of 2013-14 (so far) – 10
2012-13 – 8
2011-12 – 6
2010-11 – 13
2009-10 – 19
2008-09– 10
2007-08– 9
2006-07– 14

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