Train-car collision on Elk River tracks is second in 2 days


For the second time in as many days, the Elk River area was the scene of a crash involving a car and a North Star commuter rail train.

FOX 9 says reporter Paul Blume witnessed Tuesday's crash, which occurred at Highway 10 and Jackson St. in downtown Elk River.

FOX says a preliminary investigation found that the car stalled on the tracks. Witnesses saw its occupants flee the vehicle which was then struck by two trains traveling in opposite directions.

As the Star Tribune reports, no one was injured in the crash.

The same can be said of Monday's accident, in which a woman and her infant son were in a car that slid onto the railroad tracks. In that incident the woman was reportedly unable to move the car or get her son out before the train arrived. Both were evaluated and released from a hospital.

The Star Tribune says both crashes are being investigated by Metro Transit and Elk River police.

Tuesday's crash blocked trains from reaching commuters in Big Lake, which is the northern end of the North Star line. Metro Transit sent buses to the station, but FOX reported the delay was expected to be up to an hour.


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