Treasure in your closet? These childhood toys are worth big bucks

Got an old Furby gathering dust? It might be worth something.
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While today's young parents are thinking about gift ideas for their kids, they might well be hoarding valuable treasure in their attics.

Popular childhood toys from 10, 20, 30 years ago and beyond can be valuable collectors' items if kept in good condition, and there's a chance some of you still have some in your or your parents' home.

If you're looking to make big bucks, the toys need to be in pristine condition (as well as still being in its original box), as this can be the difference between hundreds of dollars and tens of thousands.

But even those that are not barely-touched can still be of value, and earn you some extra bucks during the holidays if you're not particularly attached to it.

Here are some toys that could be worth something if you happen to come across them.

Pokemon cards

Pokemon went through a bit of a renaissance last year when the Pokemon Go mobile game was released, but the late '90s craze of Pokemon card collecting is where you'll find most value.

Mental Floss notes that a first edition, mint condition Charizard Holo card has been sold for $5,000, while complete first editions (ie. the 98-99 series) can fetch up to $8,700.

Even unopened packets of the original cards, which cost a couple of bucks in the '90s, are now the subject of auction bids on eBay.

Check out this Wikihow explainer describing how you set about valuing your old Pokemon cards.


By modern standards, Furbys are downright basic, but 19 years ago these interactive cuddly toys were the height of childhood toy sophistication and the absolute must-have gift in Christmas 1998.

Thrillist reckons that if you have an original, unopened Furby it could be worth almost $1,000.

Star Wars toys

If you're lucky enough to be in possession of some of the original merchandise sold in the late '70s and early '80s, it could be worth a fortune now.

A quick look on eBay shows a mint condition micro collection Millennium Falcon is on sale for $2,999. 

They don't have to be old to be valuable either. A $500 Lego 5,100-piece Millennium Falcon sold in 2007 can now be worth anywhere between five and ten times as much in its original packaging.


Speaking of Lego, the brick-building phenomenon has seemingly been around forever and retains huge value among collectors.

Lego expert Tom Alphin says that even sets released in the last few years increase in value quickly, and if you buy the right set now you could end up doubling your money by selling a few years down the line if you keep it in its box.

Even used sets, Alphin notes, will start to surpass their original value a year after they're released.

Older sets in mint condition sell in the many thousands. You can find a list of the top 100 most valuable Lego sets here, courtesy of Brick Toy Price Guide and the list of top 100 most valuable Lego figures here.

Garbage Pail Kids cards

A parody of Cabbage Patch Kids, these quirky collectible cards were released in 1985 and are now quite valuable.

While mint condition, packaged originals can fetch thousands, even an "unremarkable" full set can still fetch as much as $500, according to MSN.

A certain "Little Mermaid" VHS tape

Ignore the listings on eBay where Black Diamond Disney movies are on sale for thousands of dollars (but aren't worth nearly that much).

There is however one edition of The Little Mermaid on VHS that is worth if not thousands, then at least $100.

You can see the listing here. The reason it's valuable is because one of the spires in the background of the cover art looks like a ... erm ... penis (adults – if you're reading you can see if you can find it in the picture above; kids – if you're reading, close this page NOW).

The cover art was changed after the initial release, so if you have one of the earlier versions you could get a decent sum for it.

Most other VHS tapes are pretty worthless, but Decluttr has identified a few that can earn you a few hundred.

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