Trevino trial: Eight jurors seated on day two


Jury selection continued on Tuesday on the second day of the trial for Jeff Trevino, who is accused of killing his wife, 30-year-old Kira Steger.

Lawyers have agreed on eight jurors on the first day of jury selection according to KARE 11. The report says after the first day, the jury has been made up of an electrician, pastor, produce shipping manager, chemical engineer, retired military veteran, health care consultant, a recent college graduate, and an unemployed woman recently let go from a radio station.

Fifty-four potential panelists have been selected and questioning will continue into Wednesday in the effort to seat a 12-member jury, plus two alternates. Jurors have been asked to complete an 11-page questionnaire, FOX 9 reports.

Trevino’s lawyer John Conard has said he was concerned about whether media coverage in the widely publicized case would make finding an impartial jury difficult. On Tuesday, Conard questioned potential jurors about how much coverage of the case they had absorbed, and about whether they already had an opinion about Trevino's guilt, the Star Tribune reports.

According to the KARE 11 report, some of the potential jurors in the case were immediately dismissed after telling the court they had already made up their minds about the case.

Steger disappeared in February, and her body was discovered in May. Investigators discovered blood throughout the house in the St. Paul home that she shared with her husband. Conard has called that evidence into question.

Steger's family has said she was preparing to divorce her husband. Trevino, 39, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. Conard has said the marriage was ending because Steger was having an affair.

The trial is expected to last about three weeks.

Here is a video report from KARE 11 on Tuesday's court activity:

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