Trifling: 'Thanksgiving in a bucket' is a flavorful, contained mess

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If a buffet full of food-holding hot plates and bowls on Thanksgiving sounds too daunting, why not try throwing everything into a single bucket?

That's a real possibility, and one photographer Meredith Holt with The Forum attempted to create by putting together a Thanksgiving "trifle."

Usually, trifle is dessert-focused – berries, sponge cake, custard, jelly, cream, things of that nature – layered together in a large container.

The one Holt tried is the whole Thanksgiving dinner meal in one: cranberries, turkey (though Holt uses chicken here), sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Stacked together layer-by-layer in a tall glass container.

So how did it go down?

Well, Holt and her co-worker Heidi Shaffer didn't seem to mind it when they took a bite. It looked hard to get out of the container intact though. But, Holt writes, stacking the layers was actually fun, and putting it together gave her the confidence she could put together a full Thanksgiving meal if she needed or wanted to.

Make sure to click over to the story, so you can watch the video they posted while putting it all together – and then sampling the finished product.

More Thanksgiving bucket attempts

Holt's attempt was inspired by an October BuzzFeed feature, in which two of that site's staff members put together the same dish (though in a different order).

The "Thanksgiving Bucket," as BuzzFeed dubbed it, is 3 gallons' worth of Turkey Day feast.

The piece doesn't include their reactions to eating it, but they did run into the same problem as Holt: Getting a piece out and managing to keep it in a layered order is nearly impossible. But the dish is "the cutest possible way to serve your Thanksgiving feast," easy to transport, and doesn't take up much table room.

One brave soul on Instagram decided to try it himself.

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By the way, you may remember a "Friends" episode from awhile back in which Rachel makes a trifle with custard, ladyfingers, beef, raspberries, bananas, peas and onions. Just for fun, the TV folks over at Zap2It recreated it, and uh, it went over about as well as it did on that "Friends" episode.

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