Trio of chicks debuts on EagleCam after final eggs hatch


All three eggs laid in the bald eagle nest monitored by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' EagleCam have now hatched, and the results are very cute.

The first of three eggs laid in January hatched last week, and the eaglet has since been joined by two siblings that were spotted on the cameraon Tuesday.

A far cry from the massive, majestic birds of prey they will become, the three tiny, fluffy chicks have been keeping warm under the feathers of their parents after their nest was given a dusting of snow.

But WCCO says they will have to keep close to their parents on Wednesday, with temperatures threatening to dip below zero. But once they get through that, warmer, spring-like temperatures are on the way.

This year the eagles laid their eggs far earlier than usual (last year, the first one wasn't laid until March) but it comes after a mild winter by Minnesota standards.

You can find more pictures and information about the eagles on the DNR Nongame Wildlife Program Facebook page.

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