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Trump tells supporters: 'We can win Minnesota'

Donald Trump on Saturday signaled that the Land of 10,000 Lakes could be in play come Nov. 8.

Although his campaign has not really paid much the usually Democrat state of Minnesota much mind, Donald Trump on Saturday signaled that the Land of 10,000 Lakes could be in play come Nov. 8.

"We can win Minnesota," he told a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, but his cause for optimism isn't the news that the FBI is taking a look at some more emails from Hillary Clinton, but the controversy over health insurance premiums.

Trump referenced Minnesota after touching on the costs of the Affordable Care Act, and as CNN reported last week jumped upon a comment by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton that the landmark health act had become "unaffordable" for some.

This week, Dayton unveiled a one-off plan to cut costs for the 123,000 Minnesotans who buy their health insurance from the individual market and don't qualify for tax credits, spending $313 million to slash 25 percent from their bills.

Health premiums have suddenly become a major issue in this year's state and national elections, after insurers upped their premiums for individual and MNSure customers by 59 percent on average.

Trump faces an uphill battle to turn the state blue however. Minnesota hasn't voted Republican in 44 years, with Richard Nixon the last to receive the state's mandate.

And despite fundraising here earlier this summer, neither Trump nor his running mate Mike Pence have given any indication they will visit Minnesota, though they having a small band of hardcore supporters who the Star Tribune reports have been campaigning on highway overpasses in recent weeks.

Before the most recent email developments, Clinton had an eight point lead over Trump, according to a Star Tribune poll taken between Oct. 20 and 22. Both Clinton's and Trump's "honest and trustworthy" ratings among state voters have fallen from than earlier this year, the same poll found.

Analytics website still has Clinton has the favorite to win Minnesota, saying she has an 87.1 percent chance of carrying the state and 81.1 percent chance of winning overall.

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