Trump's potential conflicts of interest, explained in easy-to-read graphics

President-elect Donald Trump could face a lot of conflicts of interest due to his vast business empire.

From Trump International Hotel in Washington to his connections to Deutsche Bank, President-elect Donald Trump is facing numerous conflicts of interest if he stays involved in his vast business empire.

So what does Trump own, and how could this be troubling when he takes office? Check out this New York Times interactive – it explains it all with several graphics, showing how many of his business ties are regulated by government agencies ... which he'll have direct control over.

Trump tweeted this week he'll be separating himself from his company before he takes office in January, to remove any potential conflicts. He hasn't said how he'll be doing this, but added he'll explain more during a news conference with his kids on Dec. 15.

Ethics experts are concerned putting his kids in charge of the businesses won't resolve any issues if he still owns the company, with Paul S. Ryan, a political law expert at Common Cause, telling the Washington Post: “If he maintains ownership, his personal financial interest in the Trump Organization will continue to conflict with the public’s interest in how our federal government is run."

The Twitter account of the Office of Government Ethics has strong opinions on this.

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