TSA pulling full-body scanners from airports


The Transportation Security Administration on Friday said it pulling the body scanners that produce a naked image of travelers out of airports, Bloomberg reported.

The scanners use X-rays and clearly show metal objects on a passenger's body, but in so doing produce what some travelers and privacy advocates say is essentially a naked image. TSA also uses another type of scanner that generates a more generic image of a traveler's body, and those scanners will remain.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said in an email that the more invasive machines are not used at MSP. "The TSA never used that type of scanner at MSP. All the scanners in place here use millimeter wave technology instead, and they were modified long ago to address privacy concerns."

Congress had mandated that the more invasive Rapiscan scanners be changed or removed by June, and the company that produces them says it cannot make them less invasive, so the 174 machines remaining in U.S. airports are being pulled, Bloomberg said.

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