Turkey in the straw? No, this one was on the couch

A Twin Cities couple came home to find a wild turkey had broken in.

Police responding to a home invasion near Lake Minnetonka over the weekend were involved in a brief standoff with the intruder. But fortunately officers convinced the culprit to leave the Shorewood home in favor of a nearby oak tree and no one was injured.

Unless you count the window that was shattered when the turkey flew in.

The South Lake Minnetonka Police Department introduced the bird on their Facebook page as Tom. Nobody was in the house when Tom forced his way in. Imagine the surprise of the homeowners when they returned to find the broken window and a wild turkey in their living room.

As they called the police for help, the homeowners blocked the bird's path out of the living room to protect the rest of their house from any turkey damage. And, as the video they posted to Facebook shows, they were optimistic that opening the door would inspire Tom use it.

But, like many of us on Sunday afternoons, Tom seemed pretty content to just hang out on the couch. Once the cops arrived, though, they made him uncomfortable by shining a flashlight in his face. That's when Tom decided to high tail it out of there, leaving a slew of feathers as his calling card.

Wild turkeys flying through closed windows is not all that unusual. A similar incident just last week in Burnsville was resolved without police intervention when the homeowner enticed the bird to leave by way of the same window he'd already broken.

A few years ago a woman was in her St. Anthony home when she was startled by a turkey that came crashing in. She told MPR News last fall she ran outside to get a neighbor's help and wound up locking herself out. "I still have nightmares about turkeys chasing me out of my own house," she said.

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