Turkey lurkey in Brooklyn Park has residents crying fowl


Birds of a different feather can sometimes hang together, but a lingering turkey population in a Brooklyn Park neighborhood has residents saying they've had enough of this jive.

In other words, a Brooklyn Park neighborhood has been taken over by turkeys.

That's the scoop from WCCO-TV's Esme Murphy, who finds in a neighborhood on West River Road that turkeys are a traffic hazard, that the droppings are a constant problem and that the birds tend to dig up gardens.

So far, not even Chicken Little is saying the sky is falling, and no one's heard a squawk from Goosey Loosey or Ducky Lucky.

But Turkey Lurkey: They've been there a while now, as KARE 11 reported in this story from Thanksgiving (ha-ha) 2008.

But it's been almost five years now, and it's August, not November, and, frankly, it's become a problem.

“The population has just exploded where I think it’s out of control,” one resident tells WCCO.

The folks at Twelve.tv have some video:

The people of Brooklyn Park contacted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources this time. DNR officials said either an archery or shotgun hunt are options the city is considering. Another option is hiring someone to net the turkeys.

However it works out, the problem might turn into a Henny Penny for someone.

Oh, the Turkey Lurkey? It was a dance, back in about '68. Here's a clip that explains that, sort of:

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