Turkeyed out? What to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers


The company has left and the rest of the family went dashing for the mall and you have been left to fend for yourself to find something to eat.

Welcome to the day after Thanksgiving – otherwise known as Black Friday.

Inside the refrigerator you found about 20 pounds of leftover turkey and fixings from the feast the day before. But who wants a bland turkey sandwich?

If only there was a fresh way to enjoy yesterday's feast. Well, there might be.

Buzzfeed came up with a few ideas for you.

Here are some more creative ideas that will stop you from contributing to the estimated $277 million worth of turkey wasted every Thanksgiving holiday.

Just be careful how you prepare these leftover delicatessens to avoid any issues with food poisoning.

Medical News Today offers a few leftover tips to keep you healthy when enjoying your Thanksgiving leftover creations.

  • Leftovers should never sit out longer than two hours
  • They should be stored off the bone in multiple containers
  • Unless froze, turkey leftovers should be eaten in 3-4 days or thrown out

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