TV station defends pregnant meteorologist from online bullies

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A Minnesota TV station has hit back at social media trolls criticizing the "too tight" on-air outfits of one of its meteorologists – who is pregnant.

Rochester-based ABC 6 posted a comment on its Facebook page from news director David Springer which is equal parts defense and celebration of meteorologist Cindy Morgan.

He says Morgan has been an "easy target" for social media users who have upset her with their comments, before highlighting the very relevant fact she has to go on TV every day, bump and all, "with no desk to hide behind." Springer added:

"Given the current state of social media, you can never fully protect people from nasty comments. We understand that. But we also understand that we can support and stand behind our co-workers, which is what we’re doing today. Lately, Cindy has been criticized for wearing clothing deemed “too tight” by viewers. This has upset Cindy, and as a matter of fact, it upset me too."

At the end of the post, ABC 6 points out that Morgan is not the station's only pregnant employee, posting a picture of a trio of expecting workers, before calling on viewers to #Embracethebump.

"We here at ABC 6 News support the strong, professional women that work here, especially those who continue to put in all the necessary hours while also being pregnant," Springer wrote. "We are banding together and supporting Cindy. I hope you will too."

The posting got the desired reaction, with comments of support flooding the TV station's Facebook page.

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