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Twenty One Pilots go live with triple-vinyl release

You'll need a record player to listen to TOP's newest release, but it'll be worth it.

It's only one day after Halloween, but here's something jumping to the top of a lot of holiday lists: Blurryface Live, the brand new triple-album from Twenty One Pilots. Oh, and a record player to listen to it on, while we're at it.

Compiled from an October show at the Fox Theater in Oakland, the album aims to capture the arena-conquering bombast of TOP's Emotional Roadshow tour.

At the moment, it looks like Blurryface will only be available as a super-stylish picture disc vinyl LP, which is a surprisingly retro move for the band. While the vinyl format has been on the rise over the past few years, picture discs tend to be more expensive and complicated to produce. Then again, TOP has never been accused of taking the easy route to success.

But what if you're a TOP super-fan that doesn't own a record player? Don't worry, you don't need a mustache and a subscription Stereophile magazine to figure it out. Pitchfork released this exhaustive guide to purchasing a record player earlier this year (because, of course they did), but we'll break it down even more simply for you. Most folks don't need a thousand-dollar record player, unless you're planning on becoming a hardcore record collector. We'd recommend starting with a portable player or going used. Your relatives probably have an old one lying around somewhere!

Blurryface Live Track List:

Stressed Out
Guns for Hands
We Don't Believe What's On TV
The Judge
Lane Boy
(Medley Mashup)
Message Man
Holding On To You
The Run And Go
Tear In My Heart
Car Radio

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