Twin Cities advertisers pay tribute to Pat Fallon in newspaper ad


They may be rivals, but more than 40 advertising agencies in the Twin Cities joined together on Wednesday to provide a fitting, full-page tribute to the late Pat Fallon.

Fallon, a legend of the industry who cofounded what became The Fallon Agency in the early 1980s, died Friday at the age of 70 following a stroke.

On Wednesday, an ad featuring the logos of numerous metro area agencies was

">placed in the Star Tribune, paying tribute to the pioneering ad man with the message "We Are Fallon."

AdWeek reports the idea was spearheaded by Doug DeGrood of Minneapolis agency GdB, who formerly served under Fallon and penned the lines at the bottom of the ad.

"While any other day we might be business adversaries," it read, "today we the members of the Twin Cities advertising community are united in expressing our gratitude to a man who literally changed the face of Minneapolis advertising. And on whose shoulders countless individuals have built their careers."

The Star Tribune reports he is one of three Minnesotans to have been inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame, founding what was then called Fallon McElligott Rice during the 1981 recession, and proved successful for clients “who would rather outsmart the competition than outspend them.”

The company made its name leading campaigns for automotive companies including BMW and Porsche, with its current crop of clients including Arby’s, Under Armour and VH1, the newspaper notes.

After being named ad agency of the year by Advertising Age magazine in 1983, AdAge reports it also won the “Comeback of the Year” award in 2014 after being successful in seven out of 10 pitches.

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