Twin Cities blanketed with overnight snow, road conditions affected

It's made the Twin Cities look like a festive postcard – but take care driving.
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Twin Cities residents are waking up to a blanket of overnight snow, with the National Weather Service saying roughly two inches fell overnight.

The winter system, which covers pretty much the eastern half of Minnesota, but was heaviest in the Twin Cities, southeast and northeast Minnesota, is expected to have passed by around daybreak.

By then, up to three inches of snow is expected to have fallen.

It's not much by Minnesota standards, but it has left all roads in the metro area partially covered (roads in blue on the map below) with the white stuff, with officials urging drivers to be cautious if they're taking to their vehicles.

Conditions are worse in the northeast and southeast of the state, with roads in those regions considered completely covered (the pink roads) as of 6 a.m,, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Will it stay this time?

The snow the Twin Cities got a few weeks back lasted barely 24 hours as warmer weather creeped in and melted much of it, and it looks like Minnesota is in for another warmer than usual day on Monday.

The NWS predicts highs of 42 on Monday – with the chance of rain/snow – but from there on out it's going to get colder in Minnesota, with temperatures back to how we'd expect them this time of year.

Daytime temperatures will dip below freezing on Tuesday, and by Thursday overnight temperatures will drop as low as 5 above.

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