Twin Cities burger joint makes national 'Best turkey burger' list

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A popular Twin Cities eatery that might as well be a monument to red meat is scoring major points and gaining national attention for, of all things, its turkey burger.

The Red Cow, a burger restaurant founded in Minneapolis in 2013 that has since grown to three locations throughout the metro, has made USA Today's new list of "Best Turkey Burgers in the U.S."

Writes the paper, "the Red Cow... prides itself on its use of farm-fresh ingredients and one-of-a-kind toppings to create amazing flavors," including those of its turkey burger – simply called "Turkey" on the menu – which includes cilantro-lime aioli, sliced radish, arugula and crushed pistachios.

The gluten-free sandwich is the only one in the Midwest to make USA Today's list, which is comprised of 10 restaurants scattered around the U.S.

This is not the first notice Red Cow's turkey burger has earned: The restaurant proudly points out on its menu that the item was declared the Twin Cities' "Best Bird Burger" by Mpls/St. Paul Magazine in 2013.

"The turkey burger doesn’t have to be the redheaded stepchild of the burger world," the magazine wrote. "It just usually ends up that way. Red Cow defies the stereotype with a burger that's richly blended with a spice mix to give it heft and flavor," not to mention a "gorgeous herbed mayo that lifts it beyond the pale."

Last October, Red Cow was invited to compete for "best burger" in the World Championships of Food in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We apologize for making you hungry.

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