Twin Cities creamery named one of nation's best new ice cream shops

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A Minneapolis creamery is one of the best new places to get some ice cream, according to Bloomberg.

The publication published a list of nine new ice cream shops in the United States that are getting creative with their flavors.

On the list was Milkjam Creamery, located on Lyndale Avenue South in Uptown.

Bloomberg says despite opening "in the dead of January" earlier this year, Milkjam saw lines that stretched around the block on its first day of business.

MilkJam has 16 flavors, including its season standout "Ridin' Duuurty" – Oreo milk ice cream with Oreo chunks and salted peanut butter, Bloomberg says.

And if you can't pick just one of the unique flavors, there's the All of Them sundae. It's $56, but it includes a scoop of each flavor that's available that day, Heavy Table said.

The creamery offers cones, scoops, ice cream drinks, ice cream sandwiches (including the Jam Bun, which is made with Glam Doll Donuts), ice cream cake, and a variety of toppings.

Sameh Wadi, owner and chef of Saffron and World Street Kitchen, came up with the idea to open an ice cream shop when the restaurant needed more freezer space, CityPages explained.

And for those who love ice cream, but can't handle all that dairy – no worries. Wadi is lactose intolerant, so a lot of the flavors are vegan, Minnesota Monthly reported.

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