Twin Cities pastor's #NeighborhoodLoveNotes are spreading across the U.S.

Upset at seeing the division and anger following last week's election result, Twin Cities pastor Ashley Horan was resolved to spread harmony to America.
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Upset at seeing the division and anger following last week's election result, Twin Cities pastor Ashley Horan was resolved to spread harmony to America.

The Unitarian Universalist clergywoman from Minneapolis was inspired to start the Twitter hashtag #NeighborhoodLoveNotes, writing messages of love and peace in chalk on city paving and posting photos of them online.

She started the ball rolling on Thursday with this tweet.

Her effort struck a chord with Twin Citians, who began writing and sharing their own messages with Horan. And it has since spread to New York, Louisiana and Idaho, to name but a few states, in part thanks to efforts of other Unitarian Universalist pastors who have been handing out chalk during services.

Speaking to the Pioneer Press, she said she felt "very upset" after the election, saying minorities in her community were "afraid and hurting" following a hostile election that has since provoked protests and reports of discrimination.

She set up a Facebook event, which has been shared 20,000 times, on which she had some advice for her fellow human beings.

"My unsolicited advice: go buy some sidewalk chalk, and meditate about who you love – rather than who you fear – for a little while," she wrote.

"This will certainly not change the world. There is so much other work to do. But it saved my heart today."

Rev. Horan, who is also the executive director of the Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance, has been delighted by the response, sharing as many pictures as she can on her social media accounts.

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