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Twin Cities woman records catcalls, calls out harassers


A Minneapolis woman is turning the tables a bit on catcalling men she encounters on Twin Cities streets, by secretly recording them as she confronts them about their behavior, according to Buzzfeed.

Lindsey, 28, who does not reveal her last name, has posted several of the video clips to her website, the Star Tribune notes.

She's also been handing out pocket-sized cards to the harassers which explain why their actions are unwanted. She calls them Cards Against Harassment.

Most of the men on the videos are surprised that Lindsey is offended by their attention.

“The theme I hear the most often is that they truly, genuinely think it’s a compliment, and they are shocked,” Lindsey said, according to Buzzfeed.

Some men on the videos defended their actions with comments such as: “Women are put on this earth to satisfy a man, so if she feels offended, she shouldn’t have been born,” and "'Bitch' means that you're sexy."

The videos aren’t meant to highlight specific confrontations, but the “cumulative daily impact” of street harassment, Lindsey told Buzzfeed.

She also points out that not all street harassment is "complimentary," that many women and men are harassed for their weight, their perceived unattractiveness, or their sexual orientation.

“Just as frustrating as the harassment itself is the feeling of powerlessness that comes with not having had a chance to defend yourself or convey how the harassment affects you," she said on her website. That's where the cards come in.

The wallet-sized cards, with several different messages on them, are available for downloading and printing at Lindsey's website.

She says women can give the cards to men who are harassing them to get their message across without having to speak to them.

Lindsey estimates she’s distributed about 25–30 cards since she began this project earlier this summer. She said it's an opportunity for her to tell men something they may have not been told before.

You can see more video clips here.

She told CityPages that she has scheduled an interview with Good Morning America about the project.

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