Twitter was super mean to Mitch Leidner during the bowl game

A lot of fans are really happy that the Mitch Leidner era is over at the U of M.

From Lakeville to the Gophers and all the way to the NFL? That might be the next chapter in Mitch Leidner's story, but the only thing certain right now is that the Leidner era is over at the University of Minnesota. And that's making a lot of fans happy.

Leidner is considered an "adequate" prospect in ESPN's NFL Draft grading scale, receiving 53 points on a 0-100 point scale. That means he's probably a fifth-round talent. He's the 10th-best quarterback in the draft class of 2017, per ESPN.

Here's how ESPN describes Leidner's specific traits.

  • Intangibles = Exceptional
  • Durability = Exceptional
  • Height-Weight-Speed = Above Average
  • Production = Average
  • Mental Makeup = Above Average
  • Accuracy = Average
  • Release/Arm Strength = Below Average
  • Pocket Mobility = Above Average

Todd McShay called Leidner a first-round pick at the end of last season and the claim is still making Leidner the brunt of jokes, especially after Leidner's fluky touchdown pass to Shannon Brooks in the third quarter of Tuesday's Holiday Bowl.

In four years Leidner completed 56.4 percent of his passes for 7,158 passing yards, 35 touchdowns and 32 interceptions. As a runner, he finished with 1,469 yards and 33 touchdowns.

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