Two girls accused of 'Slender Man' stabbings ruled competent for trial


Two Wisconsin girls accused of repeatedly stabbing a friend to impress the fictional "Slender Man" have been found competent to stand trial.

A Wisconsin judge ruled that a 13-year-old defendant, who was 12 at the time of the incident, is competent to stand trial in the case, while the second suspect, 12, waived her right to a hearing and was ruled competent as a result, ABC News reports.

The pair have been charged with first-degree attempted murder after they allegedly lured their 12-year-old friend into the woods in Waukesha, Wisconsin, before stabbing her 19 times on May 31.

The victim managed to survive after crawling to a road where she was found by a cyclist. She returned to school in September.

There had been questions in previous court hearing about the two girls' mental ability to stand trial, but both were found competent at today's hearings. They have been charged as adults.

The Chicago Tribune reports that psychiatrist Robert Rawski told the court today that the 13-year-old is capable of understanding and rationally taking part in her defense, but two defense doctors had argued otherwise.

The girls are alleged to have told investigators they attacked their classmate to impress Slender Man – a fictitious online horror character whom they believed was real, the newspaper notes.

They're accused of planning to kill their classmate for several months. Prosecutors say they were inspired by online short stories about horror and death, some of which featured the Slender Man.

After carrying out the attack, they were allegedly planning to walk to Slender Man's mansion to become his followers.

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