Two popular haunted houses in St. Paul are probably not opening this year

These haunted houses can't open unless they are up to city code.

Two popular haunted houses in the Twin Cities will most likely not open this year.

That's because they're technically against the law.

One of those haunted houses, The Butcher Shop House of Gore, has been scaring people in St. Paul since 2011, according to their website.

The haunted house is described as "an unusually detailed, full-size maze-style haunted house that was constructed in the way haunted houses used to be built" and advises that children should probably be left at home, because it is that horrifying.

They have a ton of positive reviews and over 900 likes on Facebook.

But in a couple of recent posts, the Butcher Shop said they're now closed "until further notice," and that the city had received a complaint about a haunted house operating in a residential area.

"If we were to open, we would be fined, and forced to close immediately. America has become such an uncool place in the last decade," the post said.

The Butcher Shop said it was a "zoning issue" with the city and promised fans they'll be open next year in a new location that will be up to code.

City puts a halt on backyard fun

The other haunted house not opening this year belongs to a resident of St. Paul, who has been setting up a haunted house in his backyard for the last four years.

The Star Tribune talked to Ed Johnson, who said he had already started working on plans for this year when he received a little red slip of paper in his mailbox – a Stop Work Order from the city.

Despite Johnson's argument that the haunted house will only be up for a few days, officials told him that he needs a special events permit and must turn in his plans to obtain one, the paper said.

Here's what people are saying about it on social media:

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