Wanna try that again? USA Today says Garrison Keillor is from Wisconsin

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Wait a second – Garrison Keillor isn't from Wisconsin.

In a story about Keillor ending his 42-year reign as the host of "A Prairie Home Companion", USA Today reported Keillor hails from the Badger state.


Keillor was born in Anoka, Minnesota. He began his radio career at the University of Minnesota. He worked for Minnesota Public Radio. And in 1974, he hosted his first broadcast about the fictional town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The USA Today's gaffe wasn't published in the online version of the Q&A about the 73-year-old radio host and writer's decision to retire.

The last episode of "A Prairie Home Companion" was recorded Friday, and aired Saturday. You can download it here.

Keillor says he's working on a memoir and screenplay, and to do both right he needed to put the radio show behind him, according to the USA Today.

"It's the sort of simple decision that the moment you arrive at it, you know it's right," he told the paper.

Keillor first started telling stories from Lake Wobegon back in the 1970s, and National Public Radio says for 42 seasons, he "created a rare thing out of the radio waves that skip through the air and disappear into the night: something that endures."



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