Um, ESPN already has a March Madness bracket ... and it includes the Gophers

It's December but ESPN's Joe Lunardi is already mocking up March Madness brackets.

It was a cloudy day on Dec. 8 when ESPN's Joe Lunardi got so bored that he actually made a mock NCAA Tournament bracket.

Not a football bracket. Not a hockey bracket. Not a lacrosse bracket. Joe Lunardi made a men's basketball bracket.

By now you're probably shocked that someone is making a bracket in December. But get this, Lunardi started making these brackets back on Nov. 3. This is his fifth one.

March Madness officially begins March 14. I only know that because TNT was running promos for it during the Wolves-Raptors game on Thursday night. That's like 100 days from now.

But we'll throw Lunardi a page view because at least he has the Gophers in the big dance as a No. 11 seed playing No. 6 Arizona.

To make this more interesting, GoMN Sports producer Aaron Ziemer has agreed to eat a pound of lutefisk with his hands (and his nails painted in Gopher colors) if Lunardi is right. Ziemer does not like lutefisk, nor does he enjoy painting his fingernails.

Check back when stuff like this actually matters.

Good luck, Z-Man.

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