Un-routine traffic stop: Speeding girlfriend gets pulled over – for a proposal


"So, how did he propose?"

Married couples are used to that question, but few can reply with as memorable a story as the one Matthew Pitoscia and Katie Borner will soon be telling.

The Minnesota high school sweethearts, both 23, are grabbing headlines for the elaborate ruse Pitoscia set up this past weekend – getting a bunch of Cottage Grove police officers to pull over his speeding girlfriend, who had not a traffic ticket coming her way, but an engagement ring.

According to the Forum News Service, Pitoscia called Borner and told her he'd gotten a flat tire and needed her assistance, knowing she'd rush to his aid.

Little did she know that her boyfriend had conspired with a local police officer to pull Borner over – with a plan to have Pitoscia pop up to pop the question at the traffic stop, the Forum says.

And it all went just as he planned.

As the Star Tribune tells it, three officers showed up and rattled the unsuspecting Borner with a line of questioning usually reserved for busted drivers – to her surprise, it was Pistochia down on bended knee, not a police pat-down, that was waiting for her when she was asked to step out of the car.

She said "yes," and the two are now engaged to be married.

In case you're wondering about a possible misuse of police resources, the officers involved told the Star Tribune the stunt took just a few minutes and that they were available during the traffic stop to respond to an emergency if one had come up.

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