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Underage driver's joy ride leads to police chase in Rosemount


A boy not even old enough to legally drive is accused of stealing a car and leading police on a three-mile chase through neighborhoods in Rosemount Monday afternoon.

The Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune can't agree on the age of the boy, he's either 13 or 14 years old, but both have the story.

According to the newspapers, the pursuit began after the boy blew a stop light near Dodd Road and Shannon Parkway in front of a police officer. Instead of pulling over, the car sped up and weaved through residential areas at high speeds with several squads on his tail.

A witness told the Star Tribune that three police squads from Rosemount, two from Apple Valley and one from the Dakota County Sheriff's Office responded.

One officer attempted to stop the boy using a "PIT maneuver," which involves bumping the back of the car to force it to stop.

After about 10 minutes on the run, the boy hit a curb, causing a flat tire that made him finally stop.

Around 3 p.m., the teen was arrested near 145th Street and Shannon Parkway. He's being held at the Dakota County Juvenile Services Center for several traffic violations, including suspicion of fleeing police, and auto theft.

State law enforcement recently wrapped up a two-week campaign to crackdown on speeding. One driver near Mankato was clocked doing 148 mph.

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