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Underwater: Dramatic images of flooding across Minnesota

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From the northernmost border to the far southern edge, Minnesota residents are coping with incessant rains and flooding. In the southern portion of the state, highways turned into rivers, parking lots into ponds. And for those along the Canadian border and the Rainy River, surging water levels destroyed some lakeside property, and continue to pose a threat to more.

Photos and videos of the flood waters have made their way online. Here is a collection demonstrating the damage.

Northern Minnesota

Twitter use Joel Allen has a number of photos he's tweeted from the Rainy Lake area. Here are a sample of them, but check out his feed for even more.

Then there's CBC News, who tweeted this photo Tuesday:

Here is video from Fort Frances, Ontario, directly across the Rainy River from International Falls.


And a Rainy Lake resident, inspecting what they can see of their dock, put this video on YouTube.


Southern Minnesota

These southwest Minnesota before-and-after photos were posted to Imgur, and show a few areas in Luverne both pre- and post-flood. Here are two of them, but check out the link for a couple more.

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Bruce Thalhuber, who works radio in the Luverne area, tweeted this:

And one more from Luverne:

In Blooming Prairie, Twitter user Alexis Becker tweeted this to a local KTTC TV reporter.

More Damage

Rains have caused damage across the state, and the region.

Here's a photo uploaded to Imgur, taken in the central Minnesota city of Willmar.

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This is from Webster, Minnesota, about 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities.

And down in northeastern Kansas, Reddit user BringMeTheWeird posted this photo, titling it, "Cottontail enduring a Midwest flood."

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More rain is expected over the next few days, which will likely exacerbate the problems. Governor Mark Dayton is expected to view damage in the north Tuesday, then head down to the south later in the week.

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