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Dayton says he'd consider gun control; balks at arming teachers


Conversations about firearms have spread across the country since Friday and the differing viewpoints are already apparent at the Minnesota Capitol. The Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting has policymakers re-evaluating gun legislation.

One Minnesota Republican, state Rep. Tony Cornish, says the shooting shows the need to let teachers carry firearms to class. Gov. Mark Dayton rejected that suggestion, telling WCCO it "defies common sense."

But, as the Star Tribune reports, Dayton -- a long-time defender of the right to own firearms -- now says he would consider new gun-control measures in the upcoming legislative session.

Meanwhile, Minnesota parents unnerved by the shootings in Newtown sent their children back to school on Monday without good answers for them as to how and why such killings happen, the Star Tribune reported.

The inevitable – and perhaps unanswerable – question naturally surfaced for many parents: Are my kids safe? MPR reports that Minnesota school officials say there's no way to predict every emergency, but it's important to have a solid emergency plan that teachers and students are comfortable following.

Duluth police on Monday increased the number of officers at or near schools after continued but unsubstantiated rumors of violence, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

Dayton has ordered that flags to be flown at half-staff until sunset Tuesday to honor the victims in Connecticut.

Accent Signage Systems, Inc., the site of one of the worst workplace shootings in Minnesota history, issued a statement of support for Newtown, Conn.:

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the community of Newtown, Connecticut. We were horrified to hear about yet another senseless act of violence that robbed families of their loved ones. We mourn the loss of the twenty young students, along with the seven adults who devoted themselves to enriching children’s lives, even with their last heroic actions. We stand in solidarity with all those who have lost loved ones in these unspeakable tragedies."

Politicians and parents nationwide have begun a new debate about gun violence and what could be done to curb it, Fox News and the Washington Post report.

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