UnitedHealth: changing doctor payments could save $1 trillion

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A new report from Twin Cities-based UnitedHealth Group maintains Americans could save as much as $1 trillion in a decade by changing the way doctors are paid. The country's biggest health insurer supports performance-based compensation rather than today's fee-for-service model ... in other words paying doctors for keeping people healthy, not just for treating those who are sick.

In releasing the report, UnitedHealth acknowledged some of the challenges to making such a change. Those include getting more doctors behind the idea. A poll of doctors that was part of the report found only one-third support the change.

More than half-a-million doctors who are part of UnitedHealth's network are already moving away from the fee-for-service model, under changes the company rolled out in February.

Here's UnitedHealth's report and a piece that appeared in Forbes last week taking a closer look at the business of the doctor-patient relationship.

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